Never Give up

by Abjects

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nicholas (nick) hamnett
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nicholas (nick) hamnett "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED

I must say, I do like a bit of punk.Though in reversal to the criminal, I prefer to keep the violence on the record, not off.

At the time of punk, I hated it.I didn't want to spit on anyone (though someone spat in my face in the street for no good reason beyond racism, a while ago).I didn't want to make gobbing on folk into an art form.Nor that other, supposedly, rock 'n roll antic: smashing-stuff-up.(I mean, the hotel staff WORKED HARD on those rooms, you self-obsessed dicks!).
I didn't want to go about being an obnoxious arse.Or with a permanent sneer - not as a lifestyle, anyway.

Reminds me of a woman I met.30 something.Singer
-songwriter type. Very angry.Liked thumping people. Especially if they had the temerity to talk as she foist one of her awful songs on them.Destroyed my mates juke box, booting it, as she liked to, in her juvanile attempts to appear cool and rebellious.

When she wasn't throwing beer bottles at heads, she was coaxing her equally viololent male friend into setting about folk.Folk they decided, on a drug fueled whim, they didn't like. I became just one such "Local Stigmatic."(Which film, by Al Pachino, sums up the situation exactly).

It was all part of the post-punk, rock-n-roll-mayhem lifestyle she was so desperate to be a part of.I could have told her she didn't have it. That her songs were awful, her singing ordinary, at best;
that she herself lacked the necessary charisma. But she'd only have spat on me before launching a full on attack. Besides, I'd never say such a thing to someone, even if I'm thinking it.

I got to know her through her serving my coffee in a local cafe.One day, she'd been given a huge black eye by her ex and said she was looking for new digs.Feeling sympathy for her as an abused woman, I told her about a room my mate was letting.I wasn't to know that she, in all probability, had started the fight.That, no doubt, she had landed as many punches as the fellow had, and, in all likelihood, had landed first.

She drank to excess, took drugs, all the stuff you do do. But she was violent with it.I was asleep at my mates when her attack on me was launched.It wasn't pleasant
Two-on-one isn't even
fair when you're awake.It could have been worse.They could have stabbed me, or even killed me.Just maybe they hadn't taken enough drugs that night?They really would have made the perfect droogs for any Clockwork Orange.Her favourite phrase, I recall, was: "We gave so-and- so a kickin'!" Needless to say, now sober-eyed and not asleep, if I got her in the ring she be flat out cold, and for her monkey, i'll have a piece
of that!

Quite by chance another friend of mine at the time was sharing digs with the woman's sister.She memorably left a note for the household full of expletives and threat.Her psychotic scribble pinned to the coffee table with a steak knife.

It would be interesting to see how my punk woman turned out.As a famous punk singer, no doubt, being a violent alcoholic plays well.But if you haven't made it, the tunes you knock out may sound quite prosaic. Favorite track: Fuck Brexit.
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fuzzybehemoth I was in a real funk, listening to this album during my morning commutes really helped me get into the headspace to find my way out of it.
Thanks Abjects for making my life better!
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Aburrido 01:59
The Storm 04:40
Mañana 02:55
Dream Song 02:30
The Secret 04:48
Surf 04:14
Sad Song 02:11
Fuck Brexit 03:57
Awake 02:40


“Never Give Up” is the debut LP from Abjects composed of singer/guitarist Noemi from Spain, bassist Yuki from Japan and drummer Alice from Italy -- three citizens of the world blasting out a range of energetic garage-punk sounds from London.

Strong believers that personal identities transcend borders and faced by the rise of right-wing political trends like nationalism, populism, and Brexit, Abjects explore in the tracks of ‘Never Give Up’ how these changes are reshaping people’s freedoms, testing their emotional resilience and are calling for new ways to cope with the challenges they present on a personal and global scale.

Re-recorded and re-arranged for the album from their first demo release, “Aburrido” kicks things off in Noemi’s first language, Spanish, illustrating the origins of the band’s raucous energy. Yet there is more at play with the The Storm’s pulsating bass exemplifying the contained tension expressed in the lyrics, Mañana’s hypnotic rhythms and experimental stylings inspired by The Monks, and “Never Give up” distorted guitars and bass driven rhythm section contrasting with airy vocal harmonies that twist and intertwine towards a final resolution.

“A Long Way to Go” closes out the album on an introspective and melancholic note by examining how focusing on the positive and welcoming adversity can help overcome challenges, the overarching theme of the album. Said Noemi of the record’s last track “We have our friends and family by our side to help us, drive our lives forward, and live life to the fullest.”

The result is the “Never Give Up” LP, set for release February 15th, 2019 on Yippee Ki Yay Records and international distribution through Redeye Worldwide.


released February 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Abjects London, UK

Noemi: guitar/vox
Yuki: bass/vox
Alice: drums


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